Updating Data Selectively Through Imports

Due to the limitations of the Import Wizard, I decided to write an article based on a recent use case I encountered. This involved a company that regularly imports data from various sources, including Excel, which was not fully satisfied with the traditional approach.

I developed a process that includes two Advanced Formula Booster formulas, one for Step 2 and another spanning Steps 3 to 5. The great advantage here is the ability to run these formulas directly from the Formula Editor, without the need for any additional automation. After importing the data to a temporary board, you simply click two buttons to update your data.

In a detailed article on our blog The Guide to Using the Import Function to Update Items in monday.com | mdBoosters Blog, I discuss how:

  • Updates can be selective, such as skipping existing items whose start date has passed.
  • Item updates don’t necessarily mean overwriting data; for example, you can add an imported number to an existing number.
  • Actions can be taken based on imported data, like assigning a user to a Person column if the imported priority is high.

To sum it up, it demonstrated how using formulas can make your import process as flexible as needed.

Updating Data Process 640

Let me know if you have any questions!