Updating portion of Link for many tasks simultaneously

Hello, I currently use Monday.com boards to onboard new clients with our software and I’m looking for a way to update links for all tasks on a single board at once.

I have a template board set up that I duplicate for each new client containing many tasks. There is a Links column where I have a placeholder URL entered in each task (e.g. https://PLACEHOLDER.com/task-1, https://PLACEHOLDER.com/task-2). Each time I onboard a new client, I manually update the URL for each task (e.g. to https://clientwebsite.com/task-1, https://clientwebsite.com/task-2).

Basically, I need a way to search and replace in the board, to replace all instaces of PLACEHOLDER with a specific client name. I have tried using JavaScript to replace the URL directly; the change won’t take hold. I also tried JavaScript to simulate a click on each of the link fields to edit them and then change the URL, but I haven’t found a way to get the edit modal/window to open).

Is there a way to programatically or otherwise automatically update all of my links please?

Hi @alexcarlo :wave:
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We don’t currently have a specific search and replace feature I’m afraid, but you might be able to create something using our API.
You can read more about this here: Columns
If you have questions on using the API you can visit the developers section of our community which is managed by our developer success team - monday Apps & Developers - monday Community

That said, I can definitely hear where you’re coming from regarding a find and replace feature and I’ve gone ahead and passed this feedback to our team for them to review and consider for future updates.

I’d be happy to advocate for this on my behalf as this would be really helpful addition that could benefit many teams using our platform :slight_smile:

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question!



Hi again @alexcarlo!

Did you have any further questions on this?
We’d be happy to continue to assist here!

If not, and the previous post answered your question, it would be really helpful if you could mark this as the solution! This helps other users who may have the same question to easily find the answer.


Hi Dani, thanks for your response. Would be great to see this as a feature, cheers, but until then I might have a look at the API. Thanks!

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