Automation for creating link to board

Hi Monday,

we would like to have an automation, that creates a new link automatically.

In our use-case, we have an portfolio board with all of our projects. Each project has a project board.
If a status change, an automation creates the project board.

Now we want to have the link to this project board in a link collumne in the porfolio board.

For the moment, we copy the link from the project board in the portfolio board manual.

Hi Tobias

It’s possible over Make. You can automate additional things with it. I would build it with this modules:

  1. When the Status changes trigger over a webhook (Module: monday - Watch Events)
  2. Search for the Board with the Name you given
  3. Update the item which has triggered the Make scenario and update the link column with h t t p s://<boardID from module 2>

Sorry it’s difficult to explain it over text :slight_smile:

(If you wish you can get Make Pro license for one month for free over this link)

Best Simon

Hey Simon,
Gotta admit, I have no clue how to do what you’re demonstrating.

The native approach I’d love to see should look fairly straight forward:

  • When status changes to [trigger]
  • Create new board

Variables are used for [name] and other columns if needed. Ideally the next step would look like this:

  • create [name] board and link to [name] on [existing board]

If we could use variables in Link Board automations, there’s a lot of additional workflows you could put together.

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Hi Danny

Yes, it would be great if it goes like this also with automations. But has no function for this at the moment. So i’ve just show a workaround how we’ve built this. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait.

Best Simon :slight_smile: