Upload file from a url


I’d like to be able to upload files to a files column and specify a url from which monday should fetch the file from. This will allow me to use client / browser side upload file apis such as amazon s3, google cloud storage, and others and then call the monday files api from my server with a url to the file already uploaded.

My use case

In order for Eazyform to support uploading files to a files column when submitting a form, I need to be able to upload files from the web. Since I can’t expose my app’s monday user access token on the web, I can’t call the files api directly from the web.

Developing an upload file tunnel is challenging, since my server side functions are serverless, and are limited by the amount of time they can run.

In order to support the max uploaded file size limit, best would be to use popular file storage services that already deal with uploading files from the web and then provide the url to the already uploaded file.

Ronen Babayoff

Hey @rbabayoff - that’s a great suggestion, thank you for submitting it. Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future.