Use case question: Board for launching a new product

Hi guys,

New user here.
I’m trying to set up a standard board for launching a new product for our webshop.
The biggest hurdle is that it involves almost every department.
I tried making a board and dividing this up in groups of tasks of the different departments, but this doesn’t seem to be the most convenient ways since many tasks are dependent on the progress of another department.

Is there anybody that has something set up that they’re happy with? Would love to see some examples.

Thanks !

Hi @binsento – thanks for your question! Olivia from here. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to using (it is a very flexible tool), I can help point you in the direction of some resources that might help inform the way you choose to set up your board.

First, we have a number of amazing project management templates to choose from you can leverage as a jumping off point. Also linking a great article here that might get some wheels turning: Basic Project Management – Support

Since it sounds like dependencies are a key component to your workflow, I would think about the order that things need to happen and suggest structuring your groups in a way that allows for a waterfall approach for chronological launch.

Having all of your departments in one board is actually a great use for, as the tool is intended to help folks collaborate more transparently and seamlessly! I would recommend using our Person column to help assign out tasks to individuals or Teams.

Once you have all of the steps required for launch laid out, you can use the Dependency column in conjunction with automations to allow for the shifting in dates as set/influenced by dependent items.

As a bonus, please feel free to check out for inspiration on other ways teams are using for project management. Hope this helps!

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