User Assigned Roles from another board

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I’m having trouble creating an automation that assigns users based out of an employee directory board.

For Instance Each crew member is assigned to a crew pictured below.

While assigning Projects, a Project manager will simply select the status column “Crew” and that is how the crew coordinates their day. Pictured below.

The automation that I’m trying to create is taking the “person” column data from the directory that matches the crew column data in the projects board and assigning them in the “Crew M.” column.

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There are some workarounds to achieve what you are looking for.

One would be to connect this board with your employee directory and mirror the person and crew column from there, so you would essentially be using these columns to do your work.

You can learn more about connections and mirror columns here and here.

You could similarly also use the following premade automation :

You would change the Status crew column, it would “search” on your directory to find similar values and connect said items ( you would reflect person column via a mirror).

Let me know if any of this helps or you have any questions!

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