Automation for assigning users to tasks based on their role in another board

Hello! I think I almost found a solution to what I’m looking for, but I don’t think it works across boards. The thread is here: Automation assigning a People column based on another People column

I have one board with Contacts, which is a list of people involved in each project. The people changes with every single project.

In each project, I have a separate board for all Tasks in the project. Each project has a few standard roles, and each task falls within one of these roles.

I want to assign a Person to a Role in the Contacts board, and then I want all tasks associated with that role on the Tasks board to be assigned the same Person.

Is this possible without extra plugins?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

Hey @thelastcatbender,

I am interested if we could implement a connect board and mirror column into your tasks board, so that the people column is mirrored from the contacts board to the relevant tasks. In order for this to work automatically, we’d need to integrate our match automations. Our match automations work by connecting items based on matching values in each board. That said, do you happen to have any columns in each board that hold matching data? For example, do you have a “title” column that exists in both boards? This way, we could connect items and mirror that people column, based on the title matching in each board…

Let me know if this makes sense!