Change person column on a board when user on a connected board is changed

I have the following automation setup across many client boards:

  • When item (ticket) created, create item on “All Tickets” board (via connect boards)

Now, I wanted to use the team workload widget on another board but with it having a limit of 20 boards (we have more than 20 boards/clients) I am attempting to pull in the data from the “All Tickets” board as it mirrors columns, especially “assigned”.

The issue I have is that the widget doesn’t accommodate mirror columns for the row (that would normally be “assigned”/“people”). So my next thought was to have a People column on “All Tickets” that isn’t mirrored from other boards and try to automatically update that column based on the current user in the mirrored “assigned” column.

Is this possible, or is there a better way of doing this?

Hey Dawn!

My first thought is that it might be easiest to create multiple Dashboards separated by topic or timeframe or whatever other category defines them in order to add 20 boards to each Dashboard and then put all these Dashboards in a folder called “All Tickets”.

What do you think about this idea? It’s not ideal but perhaps could be a little more straightforward with less room for error than using the mirror columns in your Dashboard.

Hi Charlotte,

I thought this too, however our team needs to use a single workload dashboard in order to make it less complicated. It’s a shame that timeline and numbers (for hours) can use a mirrored column, though resource type cannot include a mirrored “people” column.

Thanks for your response!

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Hi @dawnwrites :wave:

You can achieve this with 3rd party app integration of Column Magic: Copy.
There’s a free account version:

You’d look to utilise the below recipe:


Hope it’s helpful :slight_smile:

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@peta would you contact me via this form? contact – The Monday Man since you seem to recommend the apps we created, I’d like to get some of your feedback :slight_smile: