Copy mirrored person column to normal person column

I have a high-level overview board for my development department and low-level client boards.

When an item is created on the low-level board, it also creates & links it on the high-level board.

I’m running into the issue that the workload dashboard only allows 20 linked boards, so I want to link my low-level boards to my high-level board and then connect that one to the workload board.

For some reason, the mirrored person column doesn’t work in the workload board though.

Therefore, I want to copy the mirrored person column into a native person column. Whenever the mirrored column changes, it should update the native person column as well.

Is there a way to do this? I didn’t find this solution with the Column Magic app, but I might be missing something.

I fixed it myself.

Here’s a vide on how to do it in case you want to do the same: