Copy the value of a mirrored People column to another People column

I am trying to copy the value of a mirrored People column to another People column and it doesn’t appear to be working.
I am using General caster to do this ’ when any column changes perform formula (Item’s assigned) and cast result to People.’ Could anybody help me understand why this isn’t working please?


hi @declan.maher

Our partner WorkPerfect has an app that copies the content of a mirror column to a real column of the same type. You can contact @Kimb for details.


Thanks @basdebruin.
Hi @declan.maher, please email me at Our app will be able to solve this problem for you : )

FYI there is a way of doing this in without using an app.

Create an automation for the following:
“When an item is created Assign (replace)(Assigned) As People”

Assigned is a mirrored column.
Hope this helps someone!


@declan.maher how did you set up that automation exactly? When I use the “Then do this” action of “Assign person” the only options I see for that middle part are board subscribers, not other columns.

@declan.maher That automation would work perfectly, except (Assigned) doesn’t allow for selection of a column, it’s looking for a specific person.

Declan, that automation locks you to the moment of the creation of the item. If there’s an update on the source board, you’re then out of sync.
A third-party app is probably the only way to keep your columns updated.