Automation assigning a People column based on another People column

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I’m currently structuring an IT Board with 70 members, & looking for a automation when the product lead assigned, it will automate another person column as a Reporting to (which is his line manager).

2nd, is there a way that i can lock a Planned timeline after the first entry?
In IT board structure, user will be inputting the task and provide their planner timeline.
But i want to ensure that it will be locked to avoid on changing it and in order track if the task is overdue or on time based on the planned and actual timeline.

Hi @V-Marie
Yes, it is possible to to create an automation that will assign the applicable Line Manager based upon the Product Lead assignment. This is done by a custom automation.
In the automations center

Custom automations can be accessed via the Automations Center, at the very top. Click the ‘Create Custom Automation’ button and use the workflow to create various copies of the below recipe:

“When Product lead is assigned and Product Lead is assigned <Person> assign <Person> as Reporting to

You’ll create a copy of this recipe for each Product lead, and the person they report to.

Note: Please be sure to use the ‘More Options’ selection to create the "and Product lead is assigned to " middle section of the recipe.

For question #2, is someone establishing the timeline, and then someone else is doing the work? If so, you can use Column Permissions to lock editing of a column to specific users. Please see this link for details.

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Hi Andrew,

Your a hero! it helps me a lot. Thanks again… :innocent: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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