Using a formula in Item column (Left Most)

I would like to make the primary column a combination of three other columns. Is there a way to do this? For example, I label my projects YYYYMM - Property - Project. YYYYMM is a short text field, Property is a drop down, and project is a drop down. I want to keep Property and Project as drop downs because it cleans up the analytics (no one is calling the same thing by two different things ie. a property could be known by its full name, initials, or nickname and I want to keep it clean). Is this currently possible?

Not possible using natively. You can of course use a tool such as General Caster or to achieve this.

However, a native alternative could be to use your formula and then view the board through a dashboard table widget (when you dock the widget, it feels much the same as using a regular board). In that table widget, you can hide the item column and have the formula as the leftmost column.

It’s certainly a more lightweight solution than building a custom integration. Let me know if you need help and good luck!