How to get "formula" column into Pivot board

Hey all!
My company is brand new to and LOVE it! So thank you for such an amazing product!
I’m trying to figure out how to display Totals for each Project Manager (PM) while also breaking down the totals for each Foreman for each PM. I’ve made a Formula column inside the original board however can’t find it inside the Pivot board.
I’ve also attached a picture that shows what my end goal is.
Side note, I’m trying to find a clean way to view each month along with the totals but I’m not sure this can work cleanly (besides in a graph.)

Job Billing Dashboard View

Here is what my goal is:

Hi. I heard it’s a known bug (to be added feature)
Waiting on that also.
Another thing missing is the sub totals per row IMO

hey @brocton - welcome to the community an extension of the family!

@nealb is correct - we currently don’t support the Formula column in the Pivot feature but we will in the future.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

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