Using a formula to validate data in a column

HI There

We are wanting to ensure that data is always entered before an item can be moved to another group or board.

Ideally mandatory/required functionality would be great, but without that I thought I would try and use formulas to at least prompt the user to go back and fill in the missing data or prevent them from moving the item.

I am no formula whizz but the basic of what I am trying to do is:

If a Status column is updated to a value, then check that another status column (PILLAR named in our system) has one of 4 values populated, then update the formula column with DONE, if the PILLAR status column is blank then update the formula column with MISSING DATA IN PILLAR.

Any tips on what my formula should contain would be great. I have tried numerous combinations of if statements I have found but can’t get passed the RED Exclamation mark!!!



Hi Dee,

I took a quick stab at your formula and believe I found an option that works.

IF({Status}="Check PILLAR", IF(OR({PILLAR}="Label 1",{PILLAR}="Label 2",{PILLAR}="Label 3", {PILLAR}="Label 4"),"Done","MISSING DATA IN PILLAR"))

Here is a screenshot of it on the test board I tried.
Also I added conditional formatting for better visualization

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Thank you, I will give it a go. Appreciate your help here

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