Using board for scoring submitted test results

Has anyone used a Monday board for scoring a test?
Our company utilizes Forms for employees to submit 10 answers to T/F questions each month. When these forms are submitted, I’d like to have an automation that checks to see if the answers are correct. (I’m thinking a formula will be used to see if the submitted response = answer key and show if correct or incorrect.) Then, a percentage of correct answers to be calculated.
Any ideas/suggestions? Any feedback is appreciated!

Hey @Angie81171 - this is an interesting use case for sure!

Assuming your T/F questions are status columns, you could have a corresponding “Answer” status column to each of the questions with the answer. This would be hidden in the form, and you can set the default value on the board for the answers to what they should be, so they are populated automatically when the form is submitted.

From there you could have a Formula column figure out the percentage (this is only showing the first three questions)
((SUM(IF({Question1}={Answer1},1,0),IF({Question2}={Answer2},1,0),IF({Question3}={Answer3},1,0)) / 10) * 100)

There could be other ways but this comes to mind first :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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