Using "Button" to clear out an Item

Hoping someone here can help me solve this! I have a use case in which we are using a board to track the staffing of regional markets. These markets are often in flux, so it would be helpful if there was a quick way to “clear out” the information in the item when the Market experiences turnover and is now open, while still maintaining certain elements. (i.e. automatically delete the previous employee’s phone number, email, etc. while still maintaining the Market’s manager, central zip code, etc.).

My first thought was to use a Button column in which the button would trigger a sequence of events that clears out specified columns. However, unable to identify how to do this once in the custom automations.

Any advice/workarounds would be greatly appreciated!

Try this

Are you saying you want to only clear certain information from a column?
If you could put that info into it’s own column, not with the info you wish to keep, you could use the above automation