Using Formulas with Chart Widget

Hi all,

I am trying to create a chart based on a formula with a result that looks like a dollar figure, and I am having trouble.

I have two boards connected, one has a formula turning a number column with positive numbers into a negative dollar amount (TEXT({Entered Amount}*-1,“$###,###,###”). The other board has a similar formula to turn a positive number into a dollar amount TEXT({Amount},“$###,###,###”).

When I go to use these to create a chart, nothing shows up. It’s all zeroes. I would really like to use this formula so the chart shows correctly formatted dollar amounts. Am I missing something or is there really no way to do this?

Hi @kmcdonald,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues here! Transparently, some visuals demonstrating the issue (and the associated columns) would be quite helpful, just so we can replicate the set up on our end and clarify what’s expected here - let me know if you’re happy to share via a private message?

In the meantime, can you please confirm across how many levels the data in the formula column is being mirrored? For example, is the data included in the formula being mirrored across more than 3 boards?

Thanks for your help!