Using Gmail Integrations with Forms

I’ve created a board to assist with Event planning. The majority of the information in the form is input from invited guests directly using a form (name, email, address, etc.), and I’ve set up a small number of status columns to allow the guest to indicate whether they intend to visit in person, whether they need to be set up to be reimbursed for their visit, etc. I’ve set up Integrations with Gmail to send an email if the guest indicates “Yes” to either of the questions I just mentioned, but the Integrations only appear to work if someone updates the status column within, itself–in other words, status changes input via the form do not appear to trigger the integration. Is there any way around this?

Hi @mturnerflatiron !

Setting the automation to when an item is created and status is yes, send email. Screenshot below.

This automation may be a solution.

Lucid Day

This is EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks so much!