Using items_by_column_values to get items by people column

Hi there,

I am trying to get items by timeline column, however using the query below I do not get anything back. I have tried multiple things including with the column value I got back from the items (ids[xxxxx]) query. What am I missing?

query {
  items_by_column_values (
    board_id: 499053030, 
    column_id: "timeline", 
    column_value: "{\"to\":\"2020-11-06\",\"from\":\"2020-11-02\"}"
  ) {

I got a reply from support saying that the items_by_column_values does not support the people column yet.

Hi @kennethharder, Kenneth

Hmmm… don’t know if that answer from support is really true. Before monday apps were released I build automation in Integromat and one of them is certainly setting a people column :slight_smile: . See screenshot as the output from a step in Integromat where I set the people column (owners).

At this moment I did not do yet change a people column from an app or API, but when Integromat can do this, we should be able to do the same through the API. Hope this helps you with the next step.

Hey Bas and Kenneth!

I believe Kenneth’s original post was asking if you can filter items on a board based on the value in a People column, which is not possible at the moment.

However, you can definitely update a people column :slight_smile: Here’s the relevant documentation: Updating a people column

:crystal_ball: Dipro

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