Using as a ticketing system?

Hi all,
Can be used as a ticketing system? or does it need a feed from an ITSM tool such as ServiceNow or ManageEngine as examples?
Can take a support email from a customer and then create a ticket into and then our staff work on the ticket and then send an email back to the customer?

This is a bit different from the FAQ on creating a ticket in as that appears to be something internal that staff log tickets into directly. In this case, my customers do not have access to our instance.

I am working to see if I can leverage for more or if I need to have a dedicated ITSM tool for basic ticket work from customers.


Hi @Eamonn ,

Yes there is a way in which you can get the tickets logged directly based on the email you received in your Inbox.

It can be further customized to pick on behalf of certain keywords.

I am a certified professional, let me know if you are looking to get it set. You can reach out to me at to discuss the usecase in detail.


Aquib Zafar


Hi @Eamonn !

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What I might suggest is using the forms within and Emails and Activities. These both combined will help you leverage a great ticketing system! also has some great articles about both here:
There is a full article about managing work requests.
Here is one about Emails and Activities

Hope this helps!

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Thank you both for the welcome and advice. I will take a look and come back as required. Great to have your feedback so quickly!

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Hi Eamonn,

Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I’d also like to know if I could replace a separate ITSM with functionality just inside Monday? (without having to have all sorts of (costly and/or fragile?) customisations. Anything you’ve learned and can share would be much appreciated.


Just sharing it here, in case it’s still relevant -

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