Using Monday Docs (as an alternative to confluence)

We are gradually implementing monday in our customer success group but we have a challenge with the Solution Architects. They really like Confluence.especiialy the feature that enables them to embed a PlanUML or widget instead of taking a static snapshot of it into the canvas. this is used by them in the Customer SDD. I would like to offer Monday docs as an alternative but I couldn’t find a relevant integration with a diagraming tool ( Im talking about the 2 tools I mentioned).
This brings me to a wide discussion on whether anyone has made such a move from Confluence to Monday and to what extent are you using the monday doc functionality

Hi @Galigonen
Just read your message.
For PlantUML, you can use Text to Diagram that is available as Workdocs widget :

In addition of that, we released two tools that help smooth Workdocs usage:
Numbered Headings for Workdocs : Apps Marketplace
and Table of Contents for Workdocs : Apps Marketplace

I hope it will help you.


Thanks Vince

This is interesting.

However, I was not able to embed the diagram I created with Text to diagram in my workdoc ( I mean there is no option to share a link directly to the diagram . I am not interested in having an additional tab on my Monday board as long as I cant embed it in a page

Any suggestions?



Hi @Galigonen sorry for the late answer.

I’m not sure what you are refering to when you speak about “share a link”.
Here is a workdoc with a Diagram, if you click on the left arrow, you have the “copy link” option :

Is this what you are refering to?


Oh I missed the option to add it as a widget. This works perfectly. Thank toy Vincent!

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