Wiki in Monday?

Can I buid something similar to a Wiki in

Hey Alan! Are you looking to build a sort of one-stop-shop for your team to gather information? Like a knowledge base?

If so, you could make each item a topic or question and then use the Updates Section to write out information about each one.

Is this similar to what you were looking to do? My apologies if I totally misunderstood! :sweat_smile:

Hi, Charlotte. I’m thinking of the structure of Confluence, a hierarchical structure of pages with links to enhance navigation. Much like websites. A way to store information internally, and possibly for customers. A knowledgebase, if you will. A Wiki like structure in :thinking:

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Hi, Charlotte. I’m a freelance project manager learning’s capabilities. I’m curious, hão you know how the monday Developer site What is a monday app? was built? Thanks.

Hi There!

I have built a ton of things like this in multiple applications such as doc libraries, LMS training board and KB Center.

Dependent on what you want, I can walk you through a few options and show you examples especially around the governance of added/edited items.

Self managing ecosystem is the name of the game.

Let me know when you are ready in the above link!

Mike B

Hi, Mike,

I’m a freelance project manager learning the capabilities of