Organisational Wikis with

Our team wants to create an organisational wiki. A place to record how we do stuff in our business.

Some project management tools have this functionality built into their system, such as ClickUp and Notion. doesn’t currently have a wiki functionality…

Or does it?

Is anybody out there using to create an internal wiki somehow? Maybe it’s through an integration or within directly.

I’d love to hear your suggestions!

I would also be interested in this question

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While monday currently doesn’t have a wiki feature, most of our clients still use it as a Digital Asset Management tool (DAM) and also for SOPs. I think the only time monday isn’t as well suited is when you want to create a step by step guide with images on one page. In which case most people create a Google Doc and link it to the Item.

Our company still uses Confluence when we need this type of step by step documentation, but monday is great for pretty much everything else you would want in a wiki. Especially with the awesome Search Everything, Files View, etc.


Hey @TheOtherPM, have you thought about making a board as an organizational wiki? Many companies do this, and they’ll make each item a process, and the steps for that process will go into the updates section or as subitems. Any relevant files or documentation could go into a files column.

What do you think? Let me know!

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Hi - Are there any plans to release a Wiki Documents style view, where we can craft HTML documents and have them connected to an item natively in monday?

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We’re also exploring using monday to house some wiki-style content on a more limited basis while still maintaining most organizational documents in Confluence. I think if we had some rich-text formatting available in the long-text column that would make the use case more relevant… there’s not a great way to represent big chunks of text currently.

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