Using Teams as roles in automations/workflow

As someone running a medium-sized business (~40-50 people) and someone who is using quite a few automations across boards, I find that creating a “Team” based on a specific employee’s role/seat helps in regards to automations as when an employee leaves I no longer need to re-create or edit any automations, and can simply re-assign who belongs in that “Team” within monday and everything should be good to go.

For instance, instead of having automations assigned to Sam who works at the front desk, I’d instead have a team called “Front Desk” or “Front Desk (Sam)” that Sam would be a member of, and then I’d use that Team for automations instead.

Has anyone else tried something like this? Any shortcomings/downfalls that I should be aware of that might only become apparent further down the road?

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Yes this is very much doable…!!

You just need to add the new member and remove the old one in the team which is already predefined.

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Yep, you’ve got it! Seems almost too good to be true, but Teams are a very powerful little feature that not many people play with. You can even use Teams in Workload widgets and reporting.

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Hi @aholtzhauer :wave:

This is a great use case for the Teams feature!
As everyone else has noted in this thread, you can absolutely use teams in your automations and swap out the members within those teams as necessary.

If you found the posts in this thread helpful, it would be great if you could mark one of them as the solution so other users can easily find it, and to close this thread :slightly_smiling_face:
If not, feel free to ask any additional questions you have!


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