Assign people into a group of item by automation


I’ve created a template for a product development contening different group depending of the development type we have. The groups have between 40 to 80 items.

Each items is assigned to a team (Project manager / Engineering / Designer / …) into my template. Then, they need to be assigned to an unique people.

When we start a project, the team working on the new project is not allways defined. At the start, we can stay with some steps assigned to a team. Is there any possibility to define in the future an automation like this:

When a group title is “group name”
and assign is “Project manager”
and people is “Maxence”
then assign “Maxence” to the items into “group name”


Hi @Alexandre_N - You can’t currently use the Group of an item in the custom automations as you describe. There are a few simple automation recipes for when an item is newly created in a particular Group, or you can trigger off a move into a Group, but you can’t use the Group (yet) as a condition or trigger in the custom builder.

If this is a super important automation to have, you could always build a simple one using a third party low code tool like Make (formerly Integromat)

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