Using the API, is it possible to create a column with column_type = subitems?

I wanted to programmatically create a Subitems column using the API. Is it possible ?

It should be possible with the create_subitems mutation (I did not try it yet).

The documentation says

“For creating subitems via the API, the board should already have subitems column or at least one subitem created, otherwise you will receive an error”

So how do I programmatically create a Subitems column using the API ?

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To be transparent with you, this is not possible within the API tools that we offer currently. I am afraid there is no way to create a subitems column on a board by using the API directly, and instead, this is only possible to do from the UI directly. Does that make sense?

I would really appreciate learning more about your use case here - this would help us understand the impact this could potentially have for you and other teams in a similar position. If you were able to elaborate on this for us, I would really appreciate it.