Visual indication of files in the Updates section

I would really like to see a visual indication at the Pulse level when a File is attached in the Updates section. When the updates section is visible, there should also be a visual indication there that a file is present without having to click on “Files”.

Hi, I also would like to see that :slight_smile: like maybe a little bubble. For the Updates, you can already see, how many updates there are, but also only when you hover over it.
If any team mates go into the update sections, they might never know, that there are notes or files saved. So to see it right when you open the update section, you can see from each section, that there even is something there. Thank you!

I’m looking for something like this as well. Right now, I upload files directly to an update using the Files tab. But there’s no indication there are files in an update unless I literally type “There are files attached to this update.” If I add a Files column, none of the files I uploaded to the update are shown. It would be wonderful if we could see how many files are uploaded to an update before clicking into it and also while viewing an update.

I agree, any notification on the Files will be very useful.