Visual cue/identification in the files gallery (via the updates section) of when a file has been uploaded in item

When using a webform to create item - and uploading files - there is no indication on uploaded files on the item on the Updates tab (when entering an item), which is the main item view.
Would be really helpful to show some indication, or better yet, to show the images preview as a separate update

Hey @spiderman!

Would you be happy to elaborate a little further or share a screenshot for me? Are files that are uploaded via form submissions not appearing in the files gallery via the updates section? Any additional information would be appreciated :pray:

Thank you for your response. I’ve attached a screen shot of an item which was created with a webform - and an image was uploaded to it.
As you can see - there is no indication that an image (or any file) is uploaded with the task.

Thank you for this screenshot and additional details! I’ve tested this on my end and I am not able to actually attach any files to the updates section question. Would you be happy to send over a screenshot/s of the attachment successfully into the updates section of the workform? Thank you for your continued cooperation!

I am opening an item using the form view.
In there - I have a files upload field (see attached screen shot)

Files uploaded using this field are visible in the Files tab when the item is created.

My issue is that there is no indication that there are files attached to the item when opening the item view (Updates tab is the default)

Thanks for this information - super helpful!

I can see what you mean here. Whilst the file displays in the files column, you’d essentially like for there some sort of visual icon that displays in the updates section to indicate a file has been uploaded - correct? Can I ask if the files gallery (via the updates section) could help combat this in some way? Would you consider making this view the default view?

Yes, that’s exactly correct.
Regarding ur suggestion - my workflow is such that all items are created using the form.
From what I saw, the only way to allow uploading a file to the form is using a form column.
This ends up in the files section on the item.
Really the only missing thing for me is any kind of indication when opening an item, that there are files uploaded.
See attached an example of an indication files were uploaded:

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