VLOOKUP auto-link app is here. Avoiding manual item linking and risk of human error

Our app Columns auto-link is about to be released to monday.com marketplace and is ready for you feedback.

Columns auto-link functions like v-lookup. It helps keep data across multiple boards aligned while saving the time of manual linking and keeping you safe from data alignment errors. It help building complex solutions that up until now requires manual linking.

Here is a video showing how to link high-level resources board with low-level project board for automatically connect hours worked with cost without the need to manually link it.

We would love to have you part of our beta program. You can join using this link Join Auto-links Beta program

UPDATE - Beta program is over - You can install and learn more about the app here Columns Auto-link for monday.com – Jetpack Apps – Preferred Monday.com Partner

Looking forward to see you!


@Nir-Jetpack its awesome that you developed this! I’ve been needing a vlookup like function, so this is just great! Thanks a lot, will try it out!!

Thats great @Yu1992 don’t forget to join the beta here

Very excited for this! signed up for the Beta!

When is this being launched? I can’t find it on the Monday marketplace. thanks.

UPDATE - Beta program is over - You can install and learn more about the app here Columns Auto-link for monday.com – Jetpack Apps – Preferred Monday.com Partner

Wondering if you plan to add to conditions for this.

Essentially this is index match in excel

To be clear.
Column 1 = customer
Column 2 = category
Column 3 = hourly rate (which varies based on column 1 abs 2 combined)

Seems you have the making of this but need to add into the view the ability to to search based on more than one parameter.

Yes Neal. This is planned.

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any timeline on that @Nir-Jetpack
BTW bit of feedback seems to not always update when adding a new line, I have to type something in the linked column to trigger it
Aprt from that seems to work well and when you have the multi condition links I will look to integrate properly into our workflow

Hi @Nir-Jetpack I just installed it but it doesn’t seem to update. Any known issues ongoing for the moment? Contact me directly if you want me to send you a screen recording.

Also, any plans to support a “connect board” column as a target column? This would be really useful for the workflow for one of my customers, so when a new item is created or a unique identifier it contains is updated, the link to the correct item in the parent board is automatically filled thus linking other data.

@Nir-Jetpack HI! i want to pay for one month, but when i go to your website it says Error establishing a database connection.

lmk when you have fixed it please

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@Yu1992 sorry. missed this message. this was resolved long time ago. pleas elet me know if there is anything else we can do to help.


we noticed an error while using the vlookup function (we are using it for inventory keeping) .

Once the link was made between two items in two different boards, we realized that when a sale was eliminated, the link wasnt and the stock was still being affected by a sale that was no longer existent.

The only way to delete it was to search for that specific sale and deselect it.

Please let us know if you’ve encountered this error.

Hi. If this issue persists, can you do a loom video and share using our support form?

@Nir-Jetpack This looks great, it could solve the problem I’ve been banging my head against for the last hour. But in case it’s useful feedback at this point I don’t feel I can justify the expense - for our little company we’d be spending more on this app than we spend for our main Monday.com subscription. I know it’s tricky, because for a large company with lots of users this might be a small expense, but I can’t see a way for you to differentiate.

The app doesn’t support Files column that contain files over 10 MB. This is a huge deal for us. Is this going to be fixed?