Way to customise Button to show it has been clicked

Would be great if it was possible to see in the Button column whether it had been pressed. I am using it to create an item on a new board and would be great if you could perhaps have a different colour or button text if it has already been pressed.

Hi, there is one possibility to change the color of the row, after pressing the button.
I think this would have the same effect for you.

How is this possible? Easy!

  1. Just create an new column “Status” - Values: Clicked;Unclicked
  2. Add “change status to clicked” to the button automation
  3. Add conditional formatting “if status is clicked” change row color to xy
  4. You can hide the new status column, it would also work

Done! :smiling_face:


Hi Silas,

Thank you so much - this is great! Added already! :smile:



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