Allow enabling/disabling, visiblity/invisibility of an item's button using the API

There are times where some items on a board should be associated with the ability to trigger some action when that item’s button is clicked. However, not every item necessarily should permit clicking the button. For example, if clicking a button ultimately leads to some task being completed (and labeled as Done in a Status column), we would like to have the option to either disable or remove that button in that item. If we had a mutation in the API to set/reset “Disabled” and “Visible” attributes, that would be extremely powerful!

This could be extended to out-of the-box automations like, "When changes to , set to [visible/invisible/enabled/disabled].

You could always put conditionals on the automations tied to the button…it doesnt’ change the state though but does at least change functionality.

Hi Cody! Thanks for your post. Yes, I am using conditionals as you describe, but the issue is that it does not get the user any feedback as to the fact that if a button is clicked and leads to no action, the user cannot see that their button click was even recognized. If the button was disabled or made invisible, then they would not even waste the time to click a button. I have actually gone so far as to create an adjacent status column that tells the user “Bad Click” so they know they clicked the button when they shouldn’t have. This also raises the issue that there is no functionality in Monday that can generate a pop-up message in a dialog box when some action occurs.