When button is clicked add a new item in this board and then change status IN THAT BOARD

Hello there. I’ve been struggling on finding a recipe for I would like to do. I’ll explain. I have two boards, in one of them I have a column with buttons, so when I clicked a button a new item is created in other board, but I would like to change the status in the board where the item is created not in the button clicked one. I’ll appreciate any help.

Hi @adrivar and welcome to the community!

You should be able to set the status value in your button click automation when creating the item to whatever value you wish. Otherwise, you could also set a default value on the board you are creating the new item to the value of your choosing.

Hope this helps!

Hi @adrivar ,

You can also throw a ‘when item is created, set status to x’ in the second board :wink:

teameasy@easy-mondays.com if you need anything

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Thank you! however the problem here is that in my second board I have multiple status choices and no all the items will have the same value, so I want to reflect in my second board that the item comes from the first one by changing the status.

Hi @adrivar - I am not sure I understand fully, however when you are creating an item in another board you do not have to map the status column from your current board, you can just type in the value you want to set it too as well:

Would this solve your issue?


Hi @adrivar ,

If there are set parameters or conditions for the statuses of different items in the second board, and those are known, we can usually work that in with automations too. Do you want to connect, see if we can hash it out sharing screens? @mark.anley is right though - with Status, you can just type instead of mapping the fields - this may be the simple fix depending on your requirements.


Team Easy :slight_smile:

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