Ways to notify the person that filled out a form, but are view-only

I am trying to set up a notification automation that will keep someone notified about the status of the form they submitted after they submit it. Hundreds of people fill out these forms, so I need a way to make it only a few automations, rather than a unique automation for each possible person. I tried setting up an automation so that the person that fills out the form is assigned as the “creator”, but that just assigned everything to me and I received all of the notifications. I believe this is because the users are “view-only” accounts. Is there another way to do this? I need a way to say “If x fills out the form, then notify x” It would also be helpful to set up another notification for “If x fills out the form, then notify y” where y is their manager. Thank you for your help!

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I also have a similar need. We have numerous clients who will be completing a form and I want to be able to provide them with a copy of their submission, however this is not possible as far as I can tell right now in Monday.com. I have tried creating my form in JotForm and integrating it with monday.com, however I’m running into an issue with the files that are uploaded on the JotForm not coming through when it maps to a monday,com item. Very frustrating!

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@DariusDevitt Does the form captures their email address? If so, you can create an automation of when new item is created send email to email column…or when status chenges email this to email column…

This might be a long shot @LKat but there are markeplace app that turns board items into PDFs (for example). So maybe you can create automation that sends these files to the creator of the item…

I would also like there to be an option for the person filling the form to receive an email acknowledging that they filled the form in, optionally with a PDF of the form or a link to view it. I would also like to allow people to change their response in some of my forms.

These are all options available on Google forms that I feel are basic requirements for an online form. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible with the native monday.com forms too.