Monday for... Monthly Updates from Collaborators using Forms

My team has to receive regular updates from various organizations that we collaborate with. Previously, we sent emails and they would respond with their updates and associated documents (worksheets, monthly updated spreadsheets). I would then have a separate list to track who actually responded with their updates, and how many new items they provided.

This meant I had to keep going back and find that email, sift through who responded and go to a separate window to check off my tracker.
Using forms, these collaborators can easily submit their updates, they immediately show up in a board so I can quickly skim to see who has responded and who hasn’t, and easily download the worksheets and spreadsheets they sent. Once I finish incorporating a collaborator’s updates into my monthly report, I archive their pulse.

I also included an automation such that when a form is submitted, I get an email notification with a snapshot of 1) who submitted, 2) whether they have any updates to report, 3) what item numbers they are reporting on, and 4) if they had any extra comments.

Screenshots showing the process in the replies below.

To make this, simply create a board and form view per the instructions on’s support article:

In short:

  1. What workflow do your boards help manage? Regular standard updates from collaborators, tracking regular updates
  2. How do your board/s work in practice? See above description and screenshots below
  3. Who uses the boards? Myself and the collaborators submitting the updates
  4. If you use automations, which do you use and how do they help? Automated email after form submission/new pulse
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Here is the email I send to our collaborators with a very visible link to the form
The collaborators can bookmark the link and submit through the same link each month

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The form sent looks like this:

When someone submits a form, I get this email:

And it automatically adds the pulse to Board Name 2 in the image below:


@lambentdream This is a great board, seriously robust use of the Forms tool and I love the archive workflow for cleanliness - I imagine this is a huge improvement from your previous tracking method. Thank you for sharing!!

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Thanks for your comment! Happy to share!