Webhook integration for file uploads

Hi there,

Does a webhook event exist for file uploads to sub items (but not to File columns)?

I know that the event from files uploaded to a “Files” column can be captured with the change_column_value but it’s not clear if it’s possible to subscribe to an event when a file is added to the “Files gallery” on a sub item.

Hello there @fatiguely,

Are you adding the files to a files column in the subitem or to the gallery directly (opening a subitem, going to the “files” tab and adding the file there)?

Hi @Matias.Monday

Adding files to the gallery directly. I can add files to the column through the gallery view which triggers the webhook I mentioned previously, but adding columns to the gallery does not appear to have a webhook (or at least as far as I could tell).

For context, the interface I’m referencing

Hello @fatiguely,

What you said is correct then.

You can use the webhook “When a column changes, send a webhook” and choose the files column from your subitems. This webhook will be triggered if you upload the file directly to your column and also if you upload the file to your column from the gallery.

The webhook will not be triggered if you add the file to the gallery (and not to the column) and there is no webhook for that as of today.

Let me know if you have any other questions!