Webshop interface to marketplace apps

A big shoutout to @amir, @AlexSavchuk, @dsilva, @dipro and many others from the amazing monday.com team.


You all helped to make this happen. Without any trouble I “converted” all the app available at https://excellent-team.nl to make use of seamless authorization which gives a better user experience, faster configuration and most importantly an even more safe situation as users tokens are not stored anymore.

In parallel the website now accepts all major credit cards and fully automatically changes the marketplace apps from trial mode to production mode.

Feel free to reach out if you want to achieve something similar.


Hey @basdebruin

Thanks so much for your kind words here, and I’m really happy you are enjoying the new seamless flow as well :slight_smile: The team is quite happy we were able to make a positive impact on your experience here, and above all, your and our end users here.

Amazing update to the billing scheme as well! Great job.