Weekly Schedule and Form Automation with Dates

Good morning,

I am hoping you can help.
What i am trying to achieve is below:
A weekly schedule that is created using a form, that links actual dates to show in calendar and workload. I want to them be able to see who is available to create a workflow to an open project board per day.

I cannot seem to create a form that allows for a date to be synced back to the board, for example: can you work the below dates:
Monday 26th Dec
Tuesday 27th Dec
Wednesday 28th Dec…with an option (status) to select ie Available all day, Holiday, Available AM and so on. All i can do is put a day as a column heading on the board with status’ to choose from which pulls through to the form and auto populates the columns, but cannot link to an actual date.

I currently have the columns set to Item = name and then columns set to days. Item then auto populates the employee or guest name that is synced to a source sheet via VLookup when the form is submitted, but i cannot find a way to sync a weeks worth of dates to show in a form and feed back into a board for multiple guests/employees.

Grateful for any help - Dawn

Hey Dawn! Just to confirm; you want to be able to add new dates in the board and see them as options to select in the form?

If so, I would suggest using a Dropdown Column or Status Column for this question with the dropdown options as different dates. However, these date options will not show up into your Calendar View or Workload Widget because they are not a Date Column.

Perhaps it would work best to leave specific dates off but use Status Column labels as days of the week to be selected in the form and then use a Kanban View to see how many people are available for each day of the week. What do you think about this?