What is the best way to get some questions answered on implementation for non-profits?

Good morning, We are looking for options to use Monday.com for Non-Profits in tracking grants, inventory of donated equipment, events, volunteers, and our Assistive Technology inventory. Is there anyone who has used this version for these things that has had luck.

One item we have a question on is that we would like to be able to have the “people” value be a company or organization (since turn over is high for Non-Profits) and then to be able to have the other information populate when using that value. We have not figured out how to make this work. This would be mostly for grant tracking.

We also are working on setting up a “library of things” for our Assistive Technology lab. Has anyone used Monday.com for this? We want people to be able to view our inventory and check out items.

We are thinking paid implementation might be the best option. How do we find out about the cost for that, and has anyone used that?

Thank you so much! We are looking forward to being able to implement Monday.com for our non-profit!

Alissa- Assistive Technology Program Administrator

If you are a nonprofit, you can just update your account to the additional profiles after the 10 free licensees. It’s 70% off for nonprofits. Are you on the Monday Nonprofit group on Facebook? They might have more questions. Its under. Digital Lift.

@connectabilitymn go here. The free all-in-one fundraising solution built for nonprofits | monday.com

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