Year-End Impact Reporting

Hello Friends! I use primarily for event registration & have a dream of

  1. easily reporting a year’s worth of impact/engagement among our 500 or so employees
    2)easily compiling a 4 distribution center summary of engagement using our registration data in
    Now’s the time to start cleaning data (an unfortunate reality) to learn how to better set us up for less cleaning in 2024 & be prepared to visualize the 2023 data. This task - to me - is akin to created instructions on how to build a massive plane… & I would love support from Monday to help make this vision a reality after 3+ years of suing Monday!

REI | Sumner, Washington | USA


Sent a DM to offer my services!

I think it will be difficult to answer this question directly on a forum. This probably requires some consultation and analysis of the solution.

In general, it’s great to keep your data clean and always maintain as that key source of truth though.

However you proceed, best of luck. :+1:

Hello @DanielleA !

I agree that in order to provide you with an accurate workflow and the possible implementations a discussion with you would certainly need to take place.

I do know that we can certainly work towards an implementation like the one you described here!

Please feel free to schedule a Free Consulting Call with us here to discuss your use case, or send us an email at .

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at