"Update Matrix"?

Hi Everyone,

My team has a knowledge base and about 6 online courses with information about the database we manage. We have about 100 articles in our KB and about 60 lessons in the LMS. We’re just starting to develop a content management system and I’m wondering if anyone has used Monday for this.

The database is used by staff at agencies serving people experiencing homelessness and they use the database to track information about the clients they serve and the services that are provided. Every year we get new data standards from HUD, so this may change how our database’s users collect information about, for example, where clients were staying right before they went to the user’s agency. In order to make sure we find every instance of this topic, we’ll go to the KB and LMS and search “prior living situation” and other keywords to make sure we find everything. I would like to have something more streamlined in place.

My first thought is to create a board or group of boards based on KB section or LMS course with each pulse being one article/lesson and then tagging each pulse with keywords but this seems pretty time consuming at least up front, and then we would have to remember to update Monday each time we add a new article (I’m trying to take it easy on my team as far as the number of times they have to update Monday as we are still getting used to it :slightly_smiling_face: ). A Monday + HappyFox knowledge base integration would be great for this!

Hey there! Your first thought was mine as well. I would recommend having groups by sections and pulses for articles and utilize tags. To make this less time consuming, rather than housing the article copy in monday.com, could you keep it in a Google doc and link the doc to that item? That way all the changes can be made in the document and the latest version of the article will always be linked? Alternatively, could you link directly to the KB article? And as you make changes directly in your KB the latest version will always be linked? Let me know what you think.