Preserving Corporate Knowledge

I’ve been considering creating a series of boards designed to capture the bits & pieces of corporate knowledge that are only known in the minds of the individuals comprising our different teams.

To be clear, I’m neither insinuating secrets are being kept nor that malfeasance is occurring. All of us know things or figure out clever hacks that never get published anywhere. I want to try and force everyone to notice when those magical moments happen so we can proactively document them.

Anyone else considering using Monday app this way? Any additional insights regarding preservation of corporate knowledge anyone would like to share?


We have a board for our Customer Success team for all the bits of knowledge that we gather that new CSMs don’t learn in the onboarding process. Will have those responsible for maintaining this board in the team share more info :slight_smile:

We have a number of boards we denote with a Star Icon that detail crucial links to apps and docs, then seperate ones for training and basic go-here’s. Obviously, board permissions can be used to a degree if you had to on some of these items but it’s safest to keep them in separate boards.

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Monday is definitely usefull for capturing lessons learned. We use the retrospectives to come up with those lessons we deem critical and store them in a single board.

It started to get quite messy after a while, so now we are using groups and a status column to categorize the lessons learned. Groups for broad categories and the status for more fine-tuning.
We have a creation log column so you can find back who has more info on that topic.

For new employees its also a space to get some good tips on how to be more productive/efficient. So thats an additional bonus.

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@RBurgos at the top of many of our boards we have created a group called “Talking & Resources”. In that group we have a Pulse called “Talking About ________” and we use that to generally chat about the project that the board might be about. We also have other Pulses that may be a list of frequently referenced links, template emails, how-to’s, FAQs, etc. Only the Updates get used on these pulses, but the group is kept at the top of the board for easy reference. It’s great for our customer service team.

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Sounds super cool! Would you share how the board looks with us Erik?

@onlinepilatesclasses very nice, we do something very similar here. I love the idea of having the FAQs, links, etc broken into distinct pulses for cleanliness and ease of use.

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new to and would love to set this up. would love to see how this looks if you have time to share it.

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Hello Julia, any change to get some more info about your board ? I just posted a question about it.

We actually now use a combination of the board plus articles we have written on Zendesk since we use ours for the purposes of being able to answer tickets on the fly (and fast) from our users. Having the articles live in Zendesk was therefore important to us.

Therefore, our board now includes links to the articles (and updated articles) for each of the areas we cover.

The groups we split into sections of our work and the items are the specific topics we cover under that. We use a link column to link to the article but you could also include the information in the updates section itself and not in an external article (whichever works better for you).

Here’s a screenshot:

Does that help?

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Hi Jiulia, yes it does