Knowledge Management Board


is there anyone who have used/created a board to manage the knowledge inside an IT organisation? I am discovering Monday and I love it, so I would like to integrate our knowledge in it.


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Hi Max,

I’ve recently created a board of this type as a kind of shortcuts list to essential files that include all the processes and references relevant to my team. I’ve got it set up to use external links, rather than attaching files directly. Then I use the status columns to indicate the type of document it is (e.g. internal/external), where it was published, etc. And I use groups to categorise the types of knowledge items.

I got the idea from one of the tutorials on Working with Remote Teams. You may want to check that webinar out if you’re looking for ideas.


Glenda - that sounds like an awesome solution! Would you be able to share a screenshot of your board? I’d love to see what you built :slight_smile:

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How about something like this?
but with your organizations content.


At we use a board very similar to what @alejencia posted - we include a status column to help us know whether these Knowledge Base articles require updating or any sort of edits. Great discussion so far folks!