What is the expected functionality of archived items with linked boards?

I’m curious what the expected behaviour is for items that are linked to another board and have columns mirrored on that second board.

For example: I have a Team Sprint Board with items from multiple projects. There is a PTS column on the Team Board.

In the Project Roll Up Board, I link a project to all of the related items in a connected board column, then use a mirror column to SUM the PTS from the Team Board.

But it’s not clear what should happen when an item is archived. It seems to maintain the link (which works for my use case) but it doesn’t seem intended as it doesn’t actually say the item is archived when you view it from the Project Roll Up Board (see screenshot).

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TL;DR When items are archived, the data is still showing in connected boards.

Hi Monday,

We have had a big issue the other day with our estimate during our sprint planning. During the sprint planning call with our client we figured that archived items still showing on the board to were the items were connected.

So what happened: a team member archived some items (tasks) which were no longer relevant. The items were archived on the backlog board. We connect these items to our Epics board. On the Epic board we use a mirrored column to show the estimations so we have a good overview of the total estimate of an epic (all tasks connected from the backlog board sums up the total of an Epic).

After archiving a task from the sprint backlog board (which was connected to an Epic) I would assume it gets disconnected from the board it was attached to. Or at least not showing the effect of the estimation on the Epic. I mean, it is very confusing if an archived item still have influence on the current data!

The effect of this bug was that we had an estimation of an Epic of 200 hours which should be 80 hours. For a while this was untraceable because the backlog board was showing the right information (80 hours) but the total of the Epic on the Epic board was 200 hours. A significant difference.

Is it possible to make sure archived items do NOT have any influence on the current data? I could not figure out a way to automate a ‘disconnect when archived’ via automations. This would be a solution, but to be hoest I think archived items should have no influence at all after archiving.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion or fix on this matter.


This appears to also be the case for items that are deleted which is even more surprising.