What is the function of this toolbar?

We have developed an add-on for Monday and it’s listed at the Marketplace. However, when I launch our app within the monday UI, the usability is not that great. For example, monday displays some toolbar on top of our app, which makes users think that those controls are directly related to our app. But they’re not. Our app has its own controls. See the screenshot:

Have I misundestood something? Why are those controls shown on top of our UI? Is there a way to remove them?

Hi @sl1nna!

The bar you’re referring to is built into our platform and not a part of a Board View. It’s essentially just an extension of the bar above it (i.e. the one that holds the board views for the board, as well as the integration and automation centers).

Are you receiving a lot of feedback about this from your users? This is kind of surprising to me as this bar is a feature of all monday.com boards and cannot be altered.

Your own board view is the area underneath this bar, and this can be customized however you choose.

Yes, users are confused about this UI. As can be seen in the screenshot, there are three levels of menus on the left, and three rows of controls on the top. After that, our app starts with its own set of menus and controls. It’s a mess.

And then there’s the settings icon on the right, which allows user to further split the UI to different content sections, making the experience even worse.

Since the toolbar right above the app view is not providing useful functionality in this specific case, my suggestion would be to hide/minimise the toolbar in a case that user is viewing a 3rd party app.

Thank you for clarifying @sl1nna! Happy to submit this as feedback.

Thanks, appreciated. Happy to provide feedback!

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