When can we expect Advanced Dashboard Filters

In the last monthly new features overview I watched, we were told that advanced filters for dashboards are being rolled out. So far I have neither the option activated nor seen an option for activation in the monday.labs.

Is it possible to get an ETA on global rollout?

Also: Will these advanced filters finally be able to also filter subtasks?

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Hi everyone from the monday.com-Team,

in the last new features update the advanced filters feature for dashboards is shown with the words “from now on […] you can also switch to the advanced filters”. However I can not find the corresponding buttons in any of my Dashboards.

I would be really really happy about some clarification what I am doing wrong.

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@dk_NFroehlich thanks for reaching out about this! As this feature is being rolled out over the past few weeks, it may be that it has not reached your account yet. Can you provide me with your account URL? I can grant this for you from my end to ensure you can utilize the feature.

Hi Aron,

thank you so much for replying! I have already been granted access to the advanced filters for dashboards by someone from support.

So thank you :slight_smile:

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