When Status Changes, Create an Update in Another Item in a Different Board

Hey there Monday masters,

I’d like some automation help (or a different suggested workflow) for automating the creation of updates based on status change. The wrinkle is that I want those updates to be created in an item in a different board.

Full context: we use the “Rollup Multiple Boards” integration and have a High Level Board where each item is a project, and each project also has a low-level board that represents a more detailed task breakdown. What I would like to have happen is when an item with a specific dropdown flag becomes “Done,” an update is created in the High Level Board item that represents the project. Alternatively, the update could be created in the Low Level task board and then copied to the High Level board somehow. Or even link the HLB so there’s a column that just reports/lists recently completed items that meet that dropdown criteria in the LLB.

Basically the below automation works perfectly, except for putting the update where I want it in that HLB item.



Hi @DanielR

Welcome to the community! As the creator of the Rollup Multiple Boards app I am curious if we could add something like this to the app. Before doing that I need a detailed list of requirements. We are currently working on an app that aggregates subitems into their parent item columns (real columns, not the funny mirrors :slight_smile: ). Iy you are open to a video chat to discuss the full details send me a PM and we can schedule a call to co over this.


Hi Bas,

Sending you a DM! Still interested if anyone has an out-of-the-box solution though. I’m a bit surprised that the functionality doesn’t exist, either in custom automations or canned ones.

EDIT: It’s possible I’m too new a user to have DM privileges as I don’t see the mail icon… feel free to reach out to me instad. :sweat_smile:

I have the same problem. I believe that if an item was created from another board should be possible choose kepp the same id. In this situantion all updates (if the colunm exits) must be done automactlly.
I know the connect and mirror colunms is an alternative but there are restriction if one of both boar are private

@DanielR any update on this? Were you able to find a solution? I am sitting in the same boat right now and have implemented mirrored columns but its becoming a huge headache both from a customer and reporting perspective. Let me know.

I desperately need this functionality. I have “tasks” on LLBs that when completed I want to roll the completed date up to the HLB. We have reporting KPIs tied to these tasks and until I can get this data we can’t fully move to Monday.com and away from our current project management software :frowning:

Hi Keith and Sheri,

Sorry to say I don’t have any positive updates on this–I still don’t have a functioning workflow for this. I was exploring integration apps (Zapier) to see if that would let me do so. I haven’t had a chance to try it out though.

Hey @DanielR! This is possible using a paid plan (minimum 19.99/month) on Zapier.
I’d suggest something like:

  1. (On Monday) When status changes to Done and only if Activity Flag contains one of these labels, change status to something. The status change would only be a “trigger” status because Zapier can’t trigger from a specific status change.

  2. (On Monday) Make sure both the High Level and Low Level item have a common identifier.

  3. (On Zapier) Build a zap with these steps:

Here is a detailed look at the zap steps.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

To explain a bit what’s happening on the Zapier side -
In step 1, Zapier triggers from the status change we set up earlier. (Accounts board)
In step 2, Zapier finds an item on another board (Client Projects) based off of the common identifier pulled from step 1. (1. Text: E87870 in the demo, or the Account ID)
In step 3, Zapier creates an update on the item found in step 2. The update can have variables pulled from the other items and include additional text of your choice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I hope this solution works for you :pray:

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Hi @DanielR! :slight_smile:

@greg_elevate and I have actually seen issues like this pop up a lot, and we’ve used Zapier to fix the solution almost every time. Zapier is a really quick and easy way to make this happen :+1:

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Hi @greg_elevate and @tanner_elevate ,

Wow, thanks for the super detailed reply! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been off for the holidays.

My organization already has a Zapier subscription, so this looks like it could solve my problem… I’ll try it out and get back to you.

Hi Gregory,

I’m starting to work on implementing this, quick question about your suggested workflow. In our case the “unique identifier” is a project code that identifies the project. Right now, that code isn’t present in the low-level boards except in the name of the board.

My understanding is I’d need to add that project code as a column and every item on the LLB would need to have that value, in order for the lookup to work. Is that about right?

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@DanielR - You’d need at least one item with a matching identifier or project code. I don’t think you need every item on the LLB to have that ID as long as you’re ok with the updates being made to a single item.
I’d make an item called something like “Updates from HLB” with the added ID number so Zapier knows where to dump the HLB updates.
I might be missing something, but I’d be happy to take an hour or so on a Google Meet to troubleshoot.

Email: greg@elevateops.io

We have solved this by going with a third-party app called Make.com to perform automations that will allow us to do this.

Hi, I was hoping you could share how you used Make for this? What does the scenario look like?

Make.com has allowed us to setup numerous scenarios including but not limited to when a particular field changes within one board, to find everywhere that this same project or line item exists within other boards and update them there as well and vice versa. Essentially, we’ve setup bi-directional synchronization which allows our teams to update records wherever they want to and Make.com will then update all of the same records everywhere else that they exist.