When Status Changes, Create an Update in Another Item in a Different Board

Hey there Monday masters,

I’d like some automation help (or a different suggested workflow) for automating the creation of updates based on status change. The wrinkle is that I want those updates to be created in an item in a different board.

Full context: we use the “Rollup Multiple Boards” integration and have a High Level Board where each item is a project, and each project also has a low-level board that represents a more detailed task breakdown. What I would like to have happen is when an item with a specific dropdown flag becomes “Done,” an update is created in the High Level Board item that represents the project. Alternatively, the update could be created in the Low Level task board and then copied to the High Level board somehow. Or even link the HLB so there’s a column that just reports/lists recently completed items that meet that dropdown criteria in the LLB.

Basically the below automation works perfectly, except for putting the update where I want it in that HLB item.


Hi @DanielR

Welcome to the community! As the creator of the Rollup Multiple Boards app I am curious if we could add something like this to the app. Before doing that I need a detailed list of requirements. We are currently working on an app that aggregates subitems into their parent item columns (real columns, not the funny mirrors :slight_smile: ). Iy you are open to a video chat to discuss the full details send me a PM and we can schedule a call to co over this.


Hi Bas,

Sending you a DM! Still interested if anyone has an out-of-the-box solution though. I’m a bit surprised that the functionality doesn’t exist, either in custom automations or canned ones.

EDIT: It’s possible I’m too new a user to have DM privileges as I don’t see the mail icon… feel free to reach out to me instad. :sweat_smile:

I have the same problem. I believe that if an item was created from another board should be possible choose kepp the same id. In this situantion all updates (if the colunm exits) must be done automactlly.
I know the connect and mirror colunms is an alternative but there are restriction if one of both boar are private

@DanielR any update on this? Were you able to find a solution? I am sitting in the same boat right now and have implemented mirrored columns but its becoming a huge headache both from a customer and reporting perspective. Let me know.