Whiteboard Function Limitation


Here are the questions to the “Whiteboard” functions.
Q1: Can’t the user import the picture from computer?
Q2: Once whiteboard is saved, is it possible to create a new item accordingly?
For example:
once the meeting finish, the whiteboard will contain the task and notes, ideally it can be created as new item once the whiteboard is saved. Plus, the whiteboard jpeg can be saved as a file to the item row.
Q3: It seems Canvas cannot save the whiteboard.

Hi @Han :wave:

To be completely transparent we are in the process of deprecating the Whiteboard, in favour of our new Canvas by monday solution.
It isn’t currently possible to save the whiteboard and have it automatically create a new item / upload the image of the whiteboard to the files column. Due to the deprecation I think it is unlikely new functionality will be rolled out to this feature.

Currently these features are also not available in Canvas.
In regards to saving within Canvas, changes you make to a canvas will be saved automatically. That said, there isn’t currently an option to download the Canvas to a PNG as you are able to with the Whiteboard.

Canvas is currently in beta, so we are definitely looking to hear this kind of feedback from users so that we can consider this for future iterations as we continue to develop Canvas.
These points are really useful for our team to include in future conversations and we will pass this on to the relevant product team.
If you have any further feedback or suggestions about Canvas, you can submit these directly via Canvas using the Feedback button:

Comments from here go directly to the product team responsible for updates to Canvas!

I know this wasn’t the answer you were looking for, but you’ve definitely made some really great points here that I think can serve as great feedback for our roadmap.