Widget for a day planner or timeline view for single day

I need a view/widget that’s basically like the Timeline widget but for a single day.

I’m trying to create a board to visualize the organization of our couriers runs.
An item will essentially contain Person (the courier), Status (the general area/town they are working in (ie City North, City South), Hour/Date/Timeline (the start time and end time that they’re working in that area).

This is to plan the overall organization of our courier runs, not monitor them or the individual stops. It will be the same every day, so I only need to show a single day (even if I have to choose a placeholder date for the column requirements). One courier might go to “City North” early in the day, and another later in the day, so I want to see that these aren’t overlapping.

I need to be able to view this visually in something like the Timeline View, but just for 1 day. I can’t find anything that uses the actual times. Even calendar view for a single day only shows the start time and doesn’t give any indication of the full block of time.

Is there something that I’m missing? I’d think a day planner like this would be standard but I can’t find anything. I’d rather not pay for a solution as this is something that’s going to be done once or twice a year.