Working with Work OS + CRM Pro Plan

We are a video production company. Our team works with Work OS. We did not have an Accounts board so we licensed CRM Pro Plan because we’re adding in a more structured sales process so we need Accounts, Contacts and Deals. In CRM Pro Plan (workspace), I have populated the Accounts & Contacts boards. 1) Then I set up connected boards in our Project Tracker board (Work OS). This is where we currently manage all stages of production. Temporarily, we set up a new field for Sales Stage and I’m thinking we may want to just combine these statuses with our Production Status so we have one Status field for everyone in the company. Things go back and forth a lot so it would be easier to have one status field. Even though production status means a project is underway, the people involved in production are also involved with sales so from a user experience, I believe it will be easier to work from one master board. In Work OS, our primary field is Video (name of a project/asset) - in essence, these are deals before they are projects. Since we don’t have a Deals board in the Work OS workspace, I would have to use the Deals board in CRM Pro Plan (NOT the Basic CRM) in order to see all deals associated with one account. I’m trying to figure out how to connect our Project Board (Work OS) with Deals (CRM Pro Plan) so that when I bring up an account, I can see the multiple deals/videos associated with that Account. Not having Work OS and CRM Pro Plan on the same workspace makes it confusing. 2) An alternative is have all sales activity happen in CRM Pro, then create an item in the Project Board when it is Closed Won. If I do that, how do I configure so that the deal creates a new item (named Video) in the Project Tracker board, and I also show the associated Account (via connected board from CRM Pro Plan) and Contact (via connected board from CRM Pro Plan)? I can get the connected boards set up, but I have to manually select the account or contact then mirror the other fields I want to show. I want the account and contact values in those fields to appear when the item is created.

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