Accounts, Contacts and Deals

We have decided to work from our Project board for our sales and production stages. We are using the Accounts and Contacts as connected boards in our Project workspace. How do I disconnect the Deals board in CRM from Accounts and Contact since we are not using that method given our use case where producers and sales people are both working from the same project workspace and board?

Hello @MRC-Fridays-1960 ,

For better or for worse ,in the CRM Product template boards, you cannot delete the connect columns , as well as some other columns.

You could either disconnect from the boards by doing as follows :


Or you could hide the columns you do not need by filtering them/creating a new view.

Hope this helps.

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Giannis Koukounas, Implementation Consultant at

Thank you Giannis for the reply and providing me with the options.

In some cases such as ours wherein our video production and sales team members are one and the same, we have various stages in our Status column from prospect on thru production and project management so every step of the process starting with sales to completion is handled in Work OS. However, we also want to connect these Active Deals and Projects with a master Account with associated Contacts, so we’re not using the Deals board in CRM.

Could you send this request to your product team for future consideration on the roadmap as an option to Disconnect and hide the Deals board?

Ideally, the CRM capabilities should be fully integrated/incorporated into the Work OS product. With two separate products, users have to move between workspaces because the CRM boards cannot be viewed as a dropdown from one product or the other.

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